EatOnMonday truck

I finally got a chance to try out the EatOnMonday truck last Thursday as it was over at Raytheon. Gotta appreciate how serious the folks at Raytheon are about their food trucks. They actually have dedicated traffic cones to block off parking spaces for food trucks in their parking lot.


Glad we got to the truck close to 11:30am as the line soon got pretty long.


Their menu looks geared towards burgers and an intriguing chicken sandwich called the UFC club.

I opted for the UFC club. Who can resist the promise of bacon?



I also got some of their homemade chips. It was a delicious sandwich and the chips were good too. I’ll have to check them out again some time.

Le Bon Cuisine truck

Le Bon Cuisine rolled through my neighborhood the other day so had to get their garlic noodles again. So tasty! The sprinkle bacon over their noodles. How can that not be good?? Dragged along a coworker to introduce him to the world of food trucks.



House of Siam on Wheels!

It was a bit of a rainy day at lunch, but I couldn’t resist checking out the House of Siam on Wheels (@hosonwheels) truck that was in the neighborhood.

I ended up getting the Thai chicken basil. It was really tasty! Not greasy like some places do it. I’ll definitely be checking them out again some time.




Louisiana Territory!

The Louisiana Territory @LATCajunCookin truck finally made it around my neck of the woods for lunch so made the trek out to it.

It’s certainly a festive truck! They had a few tables set up with extra condiments and they actually had a “waiter” standing at the front of the truck to take your order instead of you ordering through the little window. They had some nice tunes playing to add to the atmosphere. A pretty nice setup.

I opted to get the shrimp and sausage creole. It definitely had a bit of spice to it and some nice flavor.